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Race Bible

Omnium Points System- 
  1. Points are awarded through 20th place-  1st = 20pts, 2nd = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts etc. Omnuim prizes will be paid out to the top 10 points winners (those who have the most points). 
  2. Omnium payouts will be in the following categories:  Men's Pro/1/2. Men's Cat 3, Men's Cat 4, Women's Pro/1/2. Women's Cat 3, Women's Cat 4.
  3. In the event of a tie in points, those two prize amounts will be added together, and split in half. Example- Two people in the Pro/1/2 tie for 1st, the 1st place ($600) and 2nd place($300) omnium prize money will be added together($900) and divided evenly into two amounts($450 each). The next highest placing point value racer will be next on the placing list. In the above case, they would be 3rd.
Start Positioning-
  1. Friday nights start positions will be based on USA Cycling ranking (PRE -REGISTERED RIDERS ONLY INCLUDED IN THIS CALL-UP FORMAT)
  2. Saturdays and Sundays races will be staged according to the top point value holders from the previous days. These riders will be called up in the order of their points, starting with the current omnium leader.
Race Numbers-
  1. Race numbers will be the same for all three days of racing. A big thanks to our sponsor Ferguson Subaru for making these possible!
  2. Race numbers will be placed on the right hand side for all three days.

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